Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reset Google Account Password

Yesterday, I had a problem with my Google account and I had to change my account password. Then I solved the problem and wanted to use my old password again. But surprisingly Google didn't let me use my old password even after 5 or 10 attempts and kept saying "Choose a password you haven't previously used with this account". After a bit of searching, I found out that you can't simply use your old passwords because Google "remembers" all of your old passwords.

So I searched deeper because I knew that there is no "infinite" space for storing everyone's old passwords. After checking a couple of sites, I found this website which explains that Google keeps only last 100 passwords for every account. This means, if you are patient enough, you can reset your password. I said to myself "Challange accepted!" and with help of an Excel list, I changed my password 100 times. And voila! There I got my old password active again...