Saturday, November 9, 2013

My New Toy: Roland TD-30KV

I just assembled my new toy, Roland TD-30KV... It's the "so-called" flagship of Roland's V-Drum series. In this post, I won't expain how and why I decided to buy this kit but if you want further information about the kit, just google its name (Roland TD-30KV) and you'll find lots of websites with videos and articles. One thing I can say about this monster is that I would definitely recommend it to anyone if money is not an issue.

Let's check some photos that we took while assembling the kit...

The boxes waiting to be opened
The kit comes in 3 boxes: TD-30KV1, TD-30KV2 and MDS-25. This one above is an MDS-12V which normally belongs to a TD-30K kit. It was the vendor's mistake but they changed it later...

Tama Speed Cobra Double Kick Pedal Hard Case
The kit doesn't include hi-hat stand, kick pedal or drum throne normally. I bought Tama Speed Cobra double kick pedal and Tama Speed Cobra Hi-Hat stand along with the kit. I already had a drum throne so I didn't buy a new one.

Trying to understand the layout

Yey! I got it all set

This is how it looks in the end
As soon as we finished assembling it, we started playing. As we played, it helped us to find out which switch does what. Because if you look at the console of TD-30 module closely, you will understand that it looks like a airplane cockpit console. But it is not rocket science, you get used to it quickly after a few hours. And also, you don't need to be afraid to "make something wrong" since you can always go back to factory settings in seconds...

Omer is jammin'
My friends Omer and Sayil were with me and they helped me assemble the kit. So, this is the reward after a hard work: jammin' around in my home studio... 

Sayil is beatin'
I will try to upload some video recordings in the near future... Till then, keep drumming!

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